Walgreens Faces Potential Delisting from Nasdaq 100

Walgreens Faces Potential Delisting from Nasdaq 100

Walgreens faces potential challenges as it grapples with significant issues that threaten its position in the Nasdaq 100 index (NDX). Recently, the company’s shares plummeted by 22.2% to $12.19 following announcements of pharmacy closures and revised financial guidance, signaling a stark decline from its previous highs.

Nasdaq 100 Delisting Risk

Walgreens’ market value of about $10.5 billion places it below the NDX’s 0.1% threshold for total market capitalization. Consequently, it faces potential delisting from the index, which mandates a minimum market value representation. As the smallest member by market capitalization in the NDX, Walgreens is at significant risk.

Walgreens’ market cap near $10.5 billion places it at risk of NDX delisting due to size, acording to Barron’s Subscription

Criteria for Removal and Speculation

According to NDX rules, a company failing to meet the 0.1% weighting requirement for two consecutive month-ends faces potential removal. Given Walgreens’ current market position, it is unlikely to meet this criterion by the end of June. Speculation suggests that if not removed sooner, Walgreens could face delisting during the September quarterly rebalancing, mirroring recent actions taken with Sirius XM Holdings.


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Potential Replacement: Super Micro Computer

Super Micro Computer, noted for AI-focused server manufacturing, may join the NDX. Its stock surged 7.1% to $890.36 on Thursday, reaching a market value of $52 billion. Already added to the S&P 500, Super Micro is well-positioned for NDX inclusion. Conversely, it has emerged as a strong contender amid its recent stock performance.

Market Impact and Investor Sentiment

While the Nasdaq 100 index may carry less weight in ETFs and passive indexing compared to the S&P 500, changes in its components can still exert significant influence on investor sentiment and market dynamics. The recent removal of Sirius XM Holdings, for example, led to a notable decline in its stock price.

Strategic Adaptation and Future Outlook

Walgreens Faces Potential stock peaked near $100 in 2015, driven by robust retail and pharmacy segments akin to Costco. CEO Tim Wentworth recognizes the need for adaptive strategies amid evolving market dynamics and operational challenges, especially in pharmacy.

In conclusion, Walgreens is at a critical juncture with mounting challenges, as its potential removal from the Nasdaq 100 index signifies a notable change in its market standing and investor percepti

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